Sergui Rutcovschii is a our Praise Country Leader in Moldova. He founded a ministry called, Moldova Charity Mission to the Disabled.  He himself is disabled from birth. This ministry helps the disabled all over Moldova. They have many ministries, one of which is a summer camp ministry. 
Pastor Sergui just wrote to tell me that their Summer Youth Camp just happened last week. They had 111 in attendance.  He said that the camp went very well, they they have good Bible studies every day as well as fun activities, which was an encouragement to every camper.
He also told me that the expenses for the camp exceeded the amount of available funds. Could you pray for all the campers who attended this camp, that God continue to do His transforming work in their lives.  Could you also pray for this important financial need. 
If you would like to get behind this ministry financially with a small gift at this time, please email Praise International:  Thank you so much!