Here is an update from John Nanda who is in India at this time.

This past week 50 families (about 135 people) from Orissa have moved to our Training Center. They need a place for 2000 additional people. Please pray as we arrange a suitable space for them and gets them what they need to live, food and basic necessities. They came with only the clothes on their backs.

There is information being passed around that the same radicals that killed around 500 people in last few months were planning another attack because they know that Christmas is a special time for the Christians. The Oria Christians were frightened for their lives so they have made the decision to leave their homes for now and live in our state where they feel safe in the care of the Andhra Christians.

It is amazing, and so inspiring to be around them. They are clinging to God. I can’t understand what they are saying but I can see them gathering, praying, singing, and opening God’s Word together. Pray as they are adjusting to their new home and as they start to learn a new language and think about what they will be doing in this new life.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in India as they deal with the difficulties of day to day life.

In service together.