Egyptians are in protest against their president, Hosni Mubarak, in rule since the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1981.  Pray for Egypt. Pray for a peaceful solution with no blood shed, or with the very least blood shed possible.

The solution is not that obvious. Electing a new president seems like the best of all solutions.  However, it would all depends who becomes the new president.  

There is a small, yet just the same, significant amount Christians in Egypt, as I wrote about in another PRAISE-worthy News blog, Copts Killed in Egypt.  The Coptic Church represents as many 8-20% percent of the Egypt populations. Some of the revolting Egyptians are Christians.  [1] [2] [3] The Muslim Brotherhood has also been involved in these massive protests.  If these protests dp bring down Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood may be the biggest winners.
Pray for all of the people in Egypt. Pray for the Christians.  It started out as a peaceful protest.  Now things are getting violent and out of hand.  Pray for a peaceful solution. 
And while you’re at it keep praying for the difficult political problem in Ivory Coast, a similar problem.  Laurent Gbagbo is still holding out.  Things don’t seem to be any better.  Maybe things are even a bit worse.

Last week the African Union discussed the problem and decided to make another diplomatic effort.  They are setting up a “high level panel” consisting of African heads of states.  Jean Ping, head of the African Union, said, “The winner of the election is clearly Ouattara, but we need to find a peaceful, negociated, political solution.”  Maybe he is envisioning some form of “bilateral” solution … or a share of power? Would do you think? How would this work?

Keep praying for Ivorians.  Pray for peace between opposing factions, between Muslims and Christians, between the north and the south.   A civil war would be terrible.  Pray for Joseph and Cristine Oulai, who lead Praise International in Ivory Coast and pray for all of the national pastors whose ministry we facilitate.
Praise assists Pastor Albert and Marguarite Kouassi as they serve the Lord in Ivory Coast.