Some friends of our who work in Romania sent me this photo that they took at Easter of an Orthodox Church.

Easter Bunny in front of the Orthodox church

This colorful Easter Bunny and a baby Easter Bunny hatching from an egg: is this the meaning of Easter? Does it show to those who pass by this Orthodox Church the real reason why we celebrate Easter? Does it get across the beautiful and most important message of Christ’s death for our sins and His victory over death, providing forgiveness and salvation to all who put their personal faith in Jesus-Christ?

The answer is no, to all the above.

Pray for our Praise pastors (a few of them pictured below) as they preach the true message of Easter, not just at Easter, but all the time.  Pray for them as they faithfully preach the Good News in all the villages where they work. The true message of Easter is what the Good News is all about!

Praise pastors serving in villages north of Bucharest