Special Gifts Make a Difference

Support special projects by giving a gift to help buy corn, a cow, a motorcycle, or a well to improve the lives of people in poverty-stricken countries

Support a Special Project

Anytime we get enough donations for a particular project we send it to our pastors. For example, when we get $500 for Cows, we will send them money to buy a cow. When we get $12,000 for a well, we will send it to Mali to drill another well. When we get $1500 for a motorcycle, we will send money for a bike to one of our countries.

Our ongoing projects are:

Corn for Mali

Mali is a drought-ridden country. About once a year, millions of people experience food insecurity. Praise International’s Corn
for Mali project provides the Malian pastor with not only enough corn for his own family, but also enough to share with the
folks in his church and community. This is a tangible way to meet the needs of the pastors we support.

Cows for Pastors

When we get $500 in our Cows for Pastors fund, we send the money to our Country Rep who will know which pastor is in the greatest need of a cow. Having a cow is a very cost-effective, time-effective way for the pastors to better provide for this family on a daily basis.

Wheels for Pastors

Having a dependable means of transportation is essential for effective evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. In Africa, a motorcycle is an effective evangelistic tool. When we have $1500 in our Wheels for Pastors fund, we send it to our Country Rep, who will know which pastor is in the greatest need of transportation at the time.

Wells for Mali

Mali is two-thirds desert. Poor sanitation and unclean water result in the deaths of approximately 4,500 children each year
from diarrhea and dehydration. When Praise has accumulated $12,000 in our Wells for Mali fund, we will send it to our Country Rep and they will drill another well in Mali. Having a well dug in one’s village is cause for ecstatic celebration! When
Christians bring water to a village, not only is physical thirst satisfied, but villagers also rejoice in the only One who can
permanently satisfy their spiritual thirst.