Pastor Ion and Elena Vasile are sponsored by Praise International.  Ion has such a heart for the lost, a great vision for reaching his region, his country and beyond for Christ.  We has see people come to know the Lord and discipled them.  He has trained many young pastor who go out, win souls and start new churches.

Could you pray for an evangelistic event that they are planning for February 27.  They will call it the Pizza Night!  Members of his church will invite friends and family members who are NOT Christians.  Pastor Ion asks us to pray that God prepare them so they will be ready to open up their hearts to receive the Lord.

One of the pastoral couples that Pastor Ion and Elena have impacted is Marian and Coco Jipa. 

They have a small church that they started.  They start churches in Romania, as in many countries, by meeting in homes and inviting neighbors and friends into their homes.  Pastor Marian presently has 3 new home groups.  Pray for the young Christians in these house churches and for the non-saved people who attend.

The Jipas have a wonderful kids ministry.  I love to do camps for reaching kids.  They are organizing a camp right now and have 21 kids signed up to attend.  Pray for them as they run this camp and share the Lord with these children.

They want to start a mandolin orchestra for children.  They are giving mandolin lessons children right now.  Isn’t that a creative idea?  I’d love to hear this mandolin orchestra!

They are having car problems.  The have an old van that they use to pick people up and bring them to church and other meetings.  Presently they can’t use the van because they need to pay $420 for some taxes on the van.  The van also has need of some repairs.  I have driven on Romania roads many many times.  The roads are often full of potholes.  Often out in the back country, most of the roads are dirt and gravel with deep holes.  Vehicles get a lot of  wear and tear.  Please pray for this need concerning their priniciple vehicle.  It is essential for their ministry.

Would you pray that the Lord bless and encourage them.  The work is difficult.  Pastor Marian says that he wants to get more involved in missions and social outreach.  I’m thinking: isn’t he already very, very busy winning souls?  He says that there are so much pain and suffering around him, who need support and comfort.  What a heart Marian and Coco have for hurting needy people.  Pray for their ministry.