Joseph  – Cote d’Ivoire

  • Prayer for the rice project for microeconomic development
  • Don Gomes & David Osterlund trip in July – Visas/Travel/Finances/Health/Microenterprise development

India – John  

  • Pray that the families will find family members that have been separated from each other.  In some cases they don’t even know if they are still alive. 
  • Pray as John works out a fair deal for them with a business man who offered them some labor work. 
  • Pray that God would send a teacher who speaks their language to give schooling to the children.   

East Africa Trip  – June –

Russia Trip – This week!


  • Pastors who are serving with limited economic resources.
  •  For more than 60% Nicaraguans who live with less than 2.00 a day.
  • For GOD to guide us in His will

Russia – NS

  •  That the God help us to complete a building of a dining room in camp that this year we can to start Summer Christian Camp for children and youth.

Romania –  SR

  • We ask you to pray for finances & restored health.
  • For preparation of camps for people with physical defects.
  • For the country

Honduras – VA

  • Prayer for pastors
  • Prayer the ministry here  
  • Prayer  for the Jail Brothers

Haiti – Pastor Ignace Augustin.