Mindanao Children’s Home: 3rd phase is almost complete

Darrie & Debbie Turner

Protection as they return to Uganda, for direction as they make contact with Praise pastors. Pray also for their good health, and peace as they are away from their children & grandchildren

Jeff Miller – Praise OR/WA State Rep.

Pray that we will get a lot of interest at the Mission Connexion conference and that I will be able to get in to the Multnomah University missions conference in February. I have been on the waiting list for 18 months.

India – Anil Landge 

The Lord’s guidance & Holy Spirit’s leading in all they do. It’s cold there 0 C & the temp is the same inside as outside – no heating

Bill Vine & group traveling to Russia – to encourage the Anatoly Yarmoljuk group – left 1/2/09

 Orissa, India

50 families (about 135 people) have moved to our Training Center. 

They need a place for 2000 additional people. Please pray as John arranges a suitable space for them and gets them what they need to live, food and basic necessities.  They came with only the clothes on their backs.  

Pray as they are adjusting to their new home and as they start to learn a new language and think about what they will be doing in this new life.

Moldova  – Sergiu Rutcovschi 

Urgent prayer req. today 1/5/09 –  Due to health problems Sergiu is unable to drive.  His wife is taking driving course.  She has completed 4 lessons but cannot afford to continue.  Remainder of course is $700.  Pray for God’s provision

Prayer for expansion – Moldova Internet Café – funds, equipment, support for family & other Christians

Pray for work among invalids.  The Most important work concerning invalids is a spiritual work; we spend Bible studying through correspondence, camp for studying the Bible and seminars.

Pray for all resources and the finance to carry out these works.

Finances for the youth camp this year.

Romania – Daniel & Mari Dragnea

Please pray together with us so we can be powerful witnesses in Cocorasti and Scorteni, for a new baptism (5 people), and  our church building. Please pray as well for students in high-school (Beni, Gratiela and Gabi) for Alina (our daughter),  for her health, her school (she has a lots of tests coming up), and for our family (to continue to go to Scorteni and Cocorasti)

Romania – Andi & Anca Nistoroiu

Prayer for Ministry with children, youth, families with young children, women’s, evangelism. Please pray as well that God would raise more people willing to work for Him.  Pray for power for those who have not yet decided to follow God.

Cote d’Ivoire – Joseph Oulai

With the political crises in Cote d’Ivoire, the Islamic bank is funding national great projects and building at least 2 mosques in the surrounding of each church and in every village.

From 34% of Muslims some years ago, we are now at 66% today. 80% of trade and transport are into their hands, and their dream is to have a representative as president of the country in order to establish the Islamic law.

Even now, some pastors and many Christian have become Muslim just because of social welfare and the micro-projects that the Islamic bank finances.

Pray that the Holy Spirit may generate many conversions among the Muslims through evangelism, films projection and good testimony of Ivorian Christians.

Pray that God may provide for the needs of Christians so that they may support their pastors and the ministry.

Pray that Christian business men and women may come to invest in the country.

For West Africa

After visited some countries (Burkina, Mali, Ghana and Guinea), we noticed the difficult living condition of pastors. The monthly salary of some pastors can’t even reach $ 20  .

Pray for material and financial support for these pastors (clothes, scholarship for their children “copybooks, school uniforms, pens…”).

Pray that we may have enough sponsors for pastors on the waiting list.

Personal requests – Projects – Joseph Oulai

Pray for God to pave the way for Joseph’s trip to the U.S.

Pray for sponsors to provide a scholarship to the pastors. . We have found a good school that can provide a good biblical training to them.

Pray for God to provide for a project to build a guest house, with rooms for conference and marriage, then a Christian school where the word of God will be taught since the young age.

Pray for God to provide for the translation of a powerful Nigerian film that deals about witchcraft and the power of God titled “Power Encounter”.

We would like to translate that this in local languages and make evangelism through film projection.
Needs:  projector, lap-top computer, sound system & means of transportation

Let pray for the leadership of Praise International and for Jim Cardillo, may God strengthen them and give them wisdom to lead Praise.


 Thailand – Boone

Central Church Construction project – underway

Pakistan – via Boone. Bishop M.S.K.

In December Bishop M.S.K.’s family was threatened with kidnapping.

    Earnest prayer request. Please pray for my grand children, my son and his wife and also for me that may God protect us from this bad group of Dacites.