From Pastor Weston in Kenya:

Kenya has been hit by the worst Famine and the breaking news over all our radio and tv stations are of starvation and famine related epidemics. Mothers have been shown to boil wild roots for their children and unripe mangoes are boiled to make them soft and reduce sourness so that the children may feed on them.

Even the areas that have been known to be agriculturally productive have this time been hit by the famine. In some of the regions, the famine is a result of the post elections violence where grain stores were burnt down, other places have been drought stricken for a long time.

The government has tried to import grain and maize flour and cannot handle the great demand. Also there are those who have no income to purchase the price hiked food commodities. Death looms at the door post and life has become unbearable.

At our ministry, life can be said to be a paradise since all the kids are having the promise of a meal three times a day and they are all happy to be in this place of refuge. We may not be able to accommodate all the starving children, but we can go out in the streets and the slums and give a meal to these starving children.