Pray for People in the Caribbeans. Hurricane Matthew is hittinig Jamaica, the Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, I’m not sure about the Dominican Republic, etc. Haiti is being hit the hardest this time. We have many dear friends in Haiti.  Our ministry has support many Haitian pastors and other ministries.

We just got back from Cuba. There were four of us: my wife and I, Ron, a friend and member of our church and Paula, a Cuban lady, living in Miami, who came as our guide and translator. We were there to visit pastors who are supported by our ministry, Praise International. It was a wonderful visit.  We saw so many pastors and wonderful Cuban people.

So as I think about this hurricane, I’m thinking particularly of all the people whom we met while we were there. In fact, the storm is brushing the same location where we were. The pastors who we support live in this region and all the folks in their churches. Of course, all the Cubans in that region need our prayers at this time. Most of Paula’s family live in this region.

Thank you for praying for the people of the Caribbean islands.