Aggee Traore and his wife in his church

Pastor Aggée and Elizabeth Traoré serve the Lord in MORIBABOUGOU, Mali, a town in proximity to Bamako. The name of the church that they started many years ago is Bethel Evangelical Center. Aggée (his name is the French version of Haggai) was working at a job with decent pay when God called him into full-time ministry. During the years as they evangelized the town of Moribabougou, they raised a family of eight children.

Aggee Troare Family

Aggee with wife and daughter cropped

Several years ago, when my wife Kandee and I visited the Traoré Family, we found Aggée and Elisabeth and couple of their children, harvesting peanuts from their garden. They stopped to give us a warm traditional welcome. They thanked Praise International for the monthly gift that their sponsor had been sending them for several years.  Without this regularly donation, he told us, they would not have been able to send their kids to school. He told us how it was to plant this evangelical church. He had opposition from some local Muslims in the town, as the town was majority Muslim, but through it all, God blessed the ministry of Pastor Aggée with much fruit.

After chatting for a while,  he took us inside their church building, which was in the courtyard, where we were sitting. It was impressive. He had transformed a nice-sized barn into a nice-looking church.

Aggee standing by church sign

Recently, I saw Pastor Aggée again in Bamako, during our ministry trip to Guinea and Mali. We were conducting a Pastors Conference, with Pastor Richard Shaw as conference speaker. It was great to see Aggée again and find out how his church is doing.

Aggee with Joseph Dakouo and other pastors in worship

Please pray for Pastor Aggée and Elizabeth Traoré, as they continue to faithfully serve the Lord in Moribabougou, Mali.

Aggee Troare