It seems like we hear more and more of the political unrest in countries across the world.  How many countries of Africa are in the news right now with alarming political circumstances?  Egypt, Tunisia, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Gabon. Why am I even trying to list them?  There are too many.  Then in other parts of the world, there is Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. Again, the list goes on and on.  Think about how a country’s political unrest affects the citizens?  How does it affect the national pastors and their congregations.  These people desperately need our encouragement.  That’s what Praise International aims to do.

Take India for example.  Last week India’s Supreme Court rejected bail for Manoj Pradhan, the Hindu nationalist State Legislator in the Orissa district.  He was convicted of playing a “major role” in the murder of Parikhita Nayak, a Christian Indian.  

You may remember the tragic attacks of Christian Indian that happened two years ago. During those attacks about 600 villages were ransacked, about 5,600 houses looted and burned, more than 100 people were killed, including women, children, handicapped and the elderly, many others were victims of rape and other sexual assaults. Some 300 churches and 13 educational institutions were destroyed. Some 54,000 Christians were left homeless.

Pastor Anil is a Country Leader for Praise International in India.

Praise International assists a great deal of pastors in India. Pastor Anil Landge, one of Praise Internationals country leaders, told us recently that there is still a “state of lawlessness and utter fear” among Christians in India.  This is two years later!  They are still traumatized by those acts of violent discrimination.  Pastor Landge says that the persecution of Christians is still happening.  Many businesses owned by Christians have been boycotted. Some Christians are barred from drawing water from the public well. Christians are sometimes publically ridiculed. The police may pull someone over and charge him a fine for no reason except that he is a Christian. Christian cannot trust the police and local authorities.  Instead of righting the wrongs, they condone and even promote the wrongs.  [Contrast this with the Indian human rights organization that is presently protesting the abuse of terrorist prisoners.]

Please pray for Indian Christians. Pray for Indian pastors.  Pray for the national pastors who are supported by Praise International.