In August, Pastor Mark Coffin from Riverside Church, Meridian, Idaho,  joined Mike Keefer, Praise International: Central America Director, to lead a pastor’s conference in La Cieba, Honduras. The conference was sponsored by Praise International and included pastors associated with Missions Door. The conference focused on Leadership, Homiletics, Bible Interpretation, and Integrated Theology.

The conference was originally planned for 100 pastors but was opened to more pastors if they could arrange to attend.  The final count was about 125 pastors who came to listen to the teaching and meet their fellow workers.  The teaching was well received and fulfilling to the pastors and those who taught.

Mike Keefer’s comments (Director of Central America for Praise International)

After traveling throughout Honduras and meeting numerous national pastors and Christians, I came away with a sense that what Praise is doing in Honduras and elsewhere is truly God’s working.  In America we do not realize how blessed we are to have access to so much in the way of teaching and Christian training.  In the universal church around the world this is not always the case.  When Praise conducts a conference, it may be one of the few times pastors who support the faith in remote areas ever have access to the information presented.

Response from Humberto Del Arca (The lead pastor for the La Cieba, Honduras pastor’s conference)

Dear  Friends, Paul Hutton, Mike Keefer, Mark Coffin, representatives of  Praise International and Mission Door Institutions who  have given U.S. cooperation to hold our bible seminar on la Ceiba  Honduras.

Receive our greetings in the name our Lord and  Savior Jesus Christ. Thanks so much to all of you   because you were a great help for our pastors to improve  their learning and the great felowship  they had at that precious  time.

I have been receiving messages from our pastors explaning how useful  it was for their spiritual lives, as the bible say in Psalm 133; 1¨¨How good  and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity.¨

Thank  you so much again for your sacrifice and your generous help to serve 

the Lord  and Our ministry.

Humberto Del Arca    Director  HEBI