I received an urgent message this morning from one of our Praise pastors in Mali, Pastor Daniel Tieh.  He says:

“Last Saturday, as the PM Moussa Marra visited the North, the rebels attacked his convoy and killed some government officials. A battalion was dispatched from Bamako to join forces with the military on post. They launch an attack against them and took back the government. The battle is still on right now!  Keep us in prayers for God intervention.”

Let’s pray fervently, as Pastor Tieh asks, that God would intervene. Mali has been in so much political turmoil during these last couple years.  When will it stop? How many innocent people have been killed. How many more will die?  I know that the rebels have, on many occasions, attacked Christians, raped the women and burnt down churches. But it’s not only the Christian family who have atrociously suffered. Many innocent families have been caught in the crossfire of brutal men who want political power.  Yes, please pray that God would bring peace to the Malian people.

Malian family (2)

This is a beautiful Malian family that we met in our last visit. It’s families like these who become tragic victims because of the fighting between rebels and the Malian military forces. Pray God’s protection upon families such as these.

Daniel Tieh Family This is Pastor Daniel Tieh with his beautiful family. They live in Bamako, where he is a pastor. Daniel Tieh also trains pastors. Pray please for God’s protection upon Pastor Tieh and his family and that God gives him wisdom.