Christmas is about incarnation – God taking on flesh and dwelling with us. Jesus’ birth, followed by His death, resurrection and ascension, joins heaven and earth together with an unbreakable bond. As believers, we are citizens of both. In Praise International, we link sponsors who are citizens of one nation with people who are carrying out ministry in other nations. However, all share the same heavenly citizenship. All work to glorify the same Heavenly Father. All give praise to the same Lord Jesus Christ.

In Praise, we celebrate how the gospel is lived out in each of the cultures where our national workers live and serve. God is incarnated by each of these indigenous pastors and missionaries. Each of them is acting as an ambassador from heaven to their local community. What an honor it is for all of us to contribute some of what God has given to us to be part of that incarnation process all around the world!

Thank you for your part in the Praise ministry.

Merry Christmas!