Due to the political turmoil, riots, fighting, bombs, etc., in Bamako and all over Mali, several embassies, including the American Embassy, have closed down.  A great deal of western foreigners, including missionaries and business men, have been evacuated.  Mali needs our prayers.  Malian people need our prayer right now.  Malian Christians need our prayers at this very mment. Our Praise pastors need your prayers more than ever!

This is Mali’s worst crisis since Mali’s Independence in 1960!

Muslims dominate northern Mali. The Tuareg are extremist muslims who are imposing Shariah law on all women in the north. This has lead to violent attacks upon the Christians in this region, raping Christian women, burning churches, brutal massacres , etc.

Mali’s military coup may point to wider problems.

Please pray for Mali every day.  Praise Internatinal is still raise funds for Mali’s Food Crisis. Please consider sending a generous contribution to Praise International, P.O. Box 927, Caldwell, ID 83606.  Earmark your gift, Project Pharaoh’s Dream.

Thanks for praying for Mali.