We have received word that our national leader in Haiti, Pastor Ignace Augustine and his wife are doing well. He reports that there was no damage to their church or guest house. They also mentioned that the national pastor associated with their ministry in Port au Prince has a broken leg. We do not know specific information about any of the other national workers sponsored by Praise International. As we receive more information we will pass it on to you.

Pastor Ignace stated that even though this is a great tragedy for Haiti, he knows that the Lord will work wonders and bring the people through this difficult time.  Their hope is in God.  They put their trust in Him. Pastor Ignace and his wife also want to say how very much they appreciate your love being poured out through the support of your prayers. 

We are gathering a special offering to send to Haiti to help meet their immense needs. If you would like to contribute to that need, please send your gifts to Praise International and mark your gift “Haiti, Raven Fund”. 

In Christ,


Praise International

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