We have received word that Pastor Ignace (our national leader in Haiti) will be attempting to drive to Port-au-Prince (over 150 miles) this morning with a load of medicine, water, rice, beans, and bread. Yesterday they attempted to pick up the national pastor (Pastor Livard) from Port-au-Prince who has a broken leg. We have not heard of they were successful or not. There is no medical assistance available to help Pastor Livard in Port-au-Prince, so they are attempting to bring him to the Les Cayes hospital, near where Pastor Ignace lives. Pastor Ignace also mentioned that they will be attempting to bring other injured people from Port-au-Prince to the Les Cayes hospital as well. Apparently, many people from Pastor Livard’s church have died in the earthquake.

Please continue in prayer for all of the victims of this disaster and for the many organizations being mobilized to respond to this crisis. We will continue to keep you updated as we receive more information.

We are gathering a special offering to send to Haiti to help meet their immense needs. If you would like to contribute to that need, please send your gifts to Praise International and mark your gift “Haiti, Raven Fund”. We would also encourage you to contact your local church and ask if they would gather a special offering this upcoming Sunday for Haiti. The offerings can be sent to us and we will forward them to Pastor Ignace and the ministry there.

Together in Christ,


David Bochman

Executive Director

Praise International

P.O. Box 100

Meridian, ID 83680