Marc Gohi Guei Imap 4x6Pastor Marc Gohi Guei and his wife, Monique, live in Ayaman, a village south of Abidjan, where he is pastor of the Agape Revival Evangelical Church.

Mark Gohi Guei 4X6He tells the story of when he first heard from God. He was only 13 years old. There was a revival going on in his church. During a time of very intense prayer, God spoke to him through a vision. He saw himself on a mountain with the Lord standing at his side. The Lord pointed down, “Look in the valley. Go search for my sheep.” Marc looked and he saw the sheep. That’s when his vision ended.

The following year, he had another vision DURING HIS MATH CLASS! As he sat there, with his teacher talking in the background, Marc had a vision. He saw himself in an office, sitting behind a desk. There were Bibles and Bible study books stacked on the desk and he was writing on a piece of paper. What was he writing? He saw himself preparing a sermon that he was going to go out and preach. He got lost inside this vision.  He didn’t know for how long. He was so focused on this vision that he totally forgot that he was in his math class.

Guei Gohi Marc at pulpitUpon coming out of this vision in his math class, it all finally added up. Marc knew that God had called him into full-time ministry and he was ready to accept the calling.  Being only 14 years old, Marc got involved in his church as much as he could. He attended all the church activities. He became president of his Youth Group. He started helping during the worship service. Eventually he took turns with other at presiding the service. He became a deacon, then one of the church leaders, then an elder. One day the pastor of the church spoke to him about the calling he received in this math class, to become a pastor. He asked, when would he become a full-time minister?

Gohi Guei couple 4X6So Marc went to Bible School, then was hired as a pastor in 1992, exactly ten years after that vision in his math class.

Guei Gohi Marc in front of churchThis is Pastor Marc Guei standing in front of his church.

22449661_467471966968796_7131047359225029547_nMarc married Monique Didehi. It was the beginning of a beautiful family and a lifetime of being partners in the ministry.

Guei Gohi Marc and wife in church serviceI love their colorful shirts and robes. Most church attenders wear bright colors on Sunday. Some wear colorful clothing all week.Marc Gohi Guei Family 4x6Isn’t this a beautiful family?

la derniere fille du pasteurThis is their precious youngest child. Pastor Marc has a sponsor through Praise International. The monthly gift he receives from his sponsor, helps Marc and Monique send their kids to school. In Ivory Coast, as in many African countries, parents must pay a monthly fee to the school, or else their children cannot attend.


Pastor Marc baby dedication bay in armsPastor Marc is doing a baby dedication, as the parents promise to raise their children under the teaching of God’s Word. As is case in the U.S and most countries, it is not easy for children and youth to remain faithful to the Lord, especially if their dad is the pastor.

Marc Gohi Guei with Freddie and Joseph in AbidjanThis is me with Pastor Marc and Joseph Oulai, who is pastor of a church in Abidjan. He is also Director of Praise International in Ivory Coast and oversees the distribution of support funds to pastors in other countries of West Africa.

Marc Gohi Guei Imap 4x6Please pray for Pastor Marc and Monique Guei, as they remain faithful to their calling to find the Good Shepherd’s lost sheep in Ivory Coast. Pray for protection and fruitfulness and that the Lord bless them with wisdom, patience and loads of the LOVE of the Lord. Thank you.