We’ve been following up on the food crisis issue and things are getting worse everyday and the new development is that mothers are selling away their children so as not to see them starve to death and others are doing this to save the rest of the family. We’ve reconsidered our decision to only feed the children and from the experience we had the last time we fed children in the streets, we left so many old and poor women who were in more terrible situations than the children.  We feel that instead of cooking the food and just feeding the children, who are more than 2,000, we would rather buy food, Maize, Beans, Cabbages, Rice and distribute this among the poor mothers and empower them to prepare meals for the children.  These  are the same children who have run away from home to the streets in search of food from the garbage. With the promise of food in the house, these children can go back to school and study but if we just give them a meal in the streets and the slums, they’ll continue running away from home and the school to be in the streets begging.

We’ll need the following supplies

Maize 50 bags of 90kgs @ 3,000                    150,000
Beans  25 bags of 90kgs @ 5,000                   125,000
Rice 50 bags of  50kgs @ 3,000                     150,000         
Cooking oil 50 cartons of 10kgs @1,600/-    80,000
Cabbages 2000 peaces @ 20/- each @           40,000
TOTAL                                                                   545,000
                                                                     IN USD 7,785


This is equivalent to feeding a child at 3 dollars which could last a couple of days.

With the above provision, we’ll be able to distribute food to the slum area to about 1,000 poor and old mothers who will in turn help us feed over 2,000 children.