Dioni and Josephine Yake

Pastor Dioni and Josephine Yake (pronounced, yeah – kay) have a contagious joy! Their joy is full and running over. One can’t help but smile, when this radiant couple smiles at him. Talented, joyful, dedicated ministers of the Lord, spreading the communicable joy of the gospel.  Dioni (pronounced like, Johnnie) and Josephine deeply understand just how GOOD the Good News is! It is SO good that it would be a shame not to share it! When is shows like this, on-lookers are like, “what in the world!?” It’s a joy like no other! It’s because of the complete and amazing salvation Jesus gives that we have a JOY that is “indescribable and glorious!!!”  Read 1 Peter 1:7-9.

They live and serve the Lord in Ivory Coast, in a region in the southwest part of Ivory Coast, a region called Man. Yes, the name of the region is Man. And man needs the Lord! (pun intended) All the men, women and children of Man need to experience this JOY.

le pasteur Yake a deux enfants

Please pray for Pastor Dioni and Josephine as they faithfully announce the extremely good news of over-flowing joy!

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JOY!        JOY!        JOY!

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