On January 12 Haiti was assailed by a deadly 7.0 earthquake, killing an estimated 230,000, injuring over 300,000 and rendering over a million homeless. What could be worse? A cholera epidemic. Only nine months later, still suffering from the aftermath of the devastating earthquake, with hundreds of thousands of Haitians still living in “tent cities” or on the streets, Haiti has been experiencing a ruthless cholera epidemic, the first in more than 100 years. The number of Haitians killed by this epidemic has climbed to almost 2,400. Over one hundred thousand have been infected by the virus.

Pastor Ignace Augustin and his wife, Franchette, live in Les Cayes, a seaport town in southwestern Haiti. Ignace is our Praise International regional leader in Haiti. Like the rest of Haiti, Les Cayes has been devastated by the cholera epidemic. He has been very actively involved in the relief work.

Ignace and his helpers have distributed to hundreds of Haitians crucial products that will help prevent the spread of cholera, such things as an oral serum, clorox, soap, as well as food.

In addition to the mass distribution of these products, Pastor Ignace says, “We are also working in the area of education and instructing the people how to prevent getting infected with cholera.” As Christians, they also believe that prayer is an important part of overcoming this cholera plague.

Praise International supports and facilitates the ministries of such Haitian pastors as Ignace and Franchette.

Pastor Rosny Civil and his wife, Francine are also supported by Praise International. They have two children, Syndie, 11 years old and Dor, 9. Financial contributions from people like you allow pastors like the Augustins and the Civils to serve God faithfully where He has called them and to have a tangible and lasting impact upon their communities.

If you would like to sponsor a Haitian pastor, contact Praise International. There are pastors at this moment who need your encouragement. Thank you.