Project “Pharoah’s Dream.” Praise International has launched a campaign to raise funds to help stave off the ravages of the food crise in Mali. About 20% of Mali’s population (almost 3 million) is at risk. Our Praise Mali Leader, Christophe Dembele, has a plan that will allow him to provide rice and millet for thousands of Malians next August when the food shortage is taking it’s toll. He is establishing grain storage units in the 4 hardest hit regions of Mali. The plan is to fill these for units with rice and millet this Spring, so that they will be able to provide food when the people are starving. Can you help?! For a $100 donation, Christophe will be able to buy a 100kg sack of rice. Next Fall he will be able to bring this sack to a small village in Northern Mali. This sack of rice will make 3000 meals! Your donation of merely $100 will feed 50 Malians 2 meals/day for 1 month.  Please consider making a donation today.  If you can’t donate $100 for a 100kg sack of rice, could you donate $60 for a 100kg sack of millet.  Thank you in advance.  One sack at time, we can make a big difference.