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Global Outreach

The month of May has been Global Outreach Month and tomorrow is Global Outreach Day. What is this? Well briefly, it is organized by Global Outreach Movement (GO). It’s a unifying movement with the goal that the whole world might hear the gospel by 2030, Global Outreach Decade. Many Christian outreach ministries have joined GO in this vision and mission to reach the world. Isn’t that what Jesus said in his last months and his last words before his ascension to heaven. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15) TO EVERY CREATURE! The GO Movement has taken Christ’s words literally. What if every Christian prayed and shared the good news with every creature, i.e. every person.

Our Praise International Country Representative, Christophe Dembele is also, among other positions of influence, Regional Director of Evangelism Explosion (EE). As Regional Director of EE, he is responsible for 6 countries, Mali, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea and Senegal! The GO Movement, in collaboration with EE, Cru and many other evangelism ministries have a goal to reach 50 millions people for the Lord in all of Africa. Fifty Million People in Fifty Nations simultaneously! What an amazing goal! But GO Movement each in country of the world and on each continents have the same ambitious goals!!!

Would you pray that they reach those goals? And by the way, as Christians, we should all be committed to telling people about the Lord.

This is Christophe Dembele, Praise International Country Representative, National and West African Director of Evangelism Explosion.

Please Pray for this project. Global Outreach Day, May 27 and for Global Outreach Decade (2020-2030)! Thank you!

In Mali: Orphans and Widows in Need

This is not Douna. We are still waiting for the outcome in Douna. This is another village in the same vicinity, in the Mopti region. Jihad terrorists rushed into their village, shooting and setting houses on fire. Many men were killed, leaving children and wives behind. They lost everything. The local church is trying to take care of these orphaned children and women without a husband. They’re in shock. They are grieving. There is not enough food, nor warm clothing. (This is a cooler rainy season in Mali.) They seriously need our help.

If God puts it upon your heart to help, please send your check to the address below, earmark it, Orphans/widows. Thank you sincerely.

Keep Praying for Christians in Douna Mali

Can you see how important this is? If the Jihads get away with eliminating Christians in this village, they will inevitably do this in all the villages, like the domino effect. When this pastor says that secularism is threatened in their country, he means Mali could become an Islamic State. I think there should be freedom of religion in Mali and all West Africa. Would you agree?

Thank you for praying for this situation. Pray especially that there is no loss of lives. For Christians to be free to worship, it is going to take a miracle. We know that God is capable of doing miracles! Right?

Your Donation to Refugees in Moldova

Donors very generously gave $15000 to help Moldovan Christians help the over 400,000 Ukrainian refugees who flooded into Moldova from the Ukraine. Pastor Sergiu Rutcovschi is our Praise Representative in Moldova. He is the one who dispersed the $15,000 where it was needed. I received this letter today. It is actually his second letter explaining how the money was used.

Thank you so much for your compassion and generosity.

Thanks again for your contribution to this very worthy project.

Presently we are still raising funds for a project in Bucharest conducted by the Baptist churches to purchase humanitarian relief supplies for the Ukrainians in the Ukraine and ship them directly to the Ukraine via a truck convoy. We would like to send enough funds to fill at least one truck with relief supplies. A truck-load will cost about $10,000. The fuel to drive from Bucharest to Ukraine is about $500. If God has enabled you to help, please send you gifts to: Praise International, PO Box 927, Caldwell, ID 83606. Designated the gift to, Ukrainians. Thank you in advance.

Fill a Truck for Ukrainians

Praise International works with pastors in Romania. The denomination is filling trucks with essential emergency supplies and sending them directly from Bucharest to Chernivtsi in Ukraine. Praise International wants to fill one truck (or more) to help innocent, homeless Ukrainians. Will you help us fill a truck?

Please send all gifts, large or small, to: P.O. Box 927 Caldwell Idaho 83606 or by PayPal at: Earmark your gift, Humanitarian Convoy.

THANK YOU sincerely in advance for helping us in this Extremely Good Cause and this is all for God’s Glory.

Moldovan Churches Helping Refugees

Dear Friend of Praise International, as you may know, we sponsor pastors in many countries, including Moldova. This morning I received this letter from our Moldovan Praise Representative, Sergiu Rutcovschi. He explained the overwhelming task they have of helping the over 98,000 Ukrainian refugees who have flooded into their country. The whole country is doing what they can to help, by bringing food, warm clothing, providing a place to sleep, etc. All the churches are helping. The Moldovans themselves do not have a surplus of money, but they are doing what they can. Please pray for the refugees and those who are sacrificially helping them.

If you are able to help by sending a special gift at this time, please send it to the address below. I will make sure that it gets into Sergiu’s hands and he will in turn distribute it to those who are helping, who are buying supplies to care for the Ukrainian refugees.

Proverbs 22:9 “Generous people will be blessed, because they share their food with the poor.”

2 Corinthians 9:11 “God will give you enough so you can always give to others. Then many will give thanks to God for sending gifts through us.”

If your heart hurts for the Ukrainian refugees and if God has enabled you to help them, please send your gift to: Praise International, P.O. Box 927, Caldwell, ID 83606. Mark your gift: Ukrainian Refugees.

Thank you sincerely,

Freddie Harris, Director

Pastor Maurice Yeiko Passed Away

Pastor Maurice Yeiko, pastor in the Abidjan region sponsored by Praise International, passed away on February 8, from complications after a surgery to remove a benign tumor on his spleen. Please pray for his wife and children, for friends, members of his church and his colleagues. He will be greatly missed.