BBC reports that there was another terrible massacre in Central Mali in the village of Sobame Da, situated in the Mopti region. There has been an ongoing tension between the Dogon hunters and the Fulani herders. This attack appears to be the Fulani who came and surrounded the village of Sabame Da, heavily armed, and killed everyone who tried to escape. One survivor who witnessed the attack, said that they spared no one, including women, children and elderly.

Please pray fervently for this country, for the people of this country. The violence is getting worse and worse. Many Christians have been killed.

Pastor Christophe Dembele, our representative of Praise International, will send me more detailed information tomorrow, so I will write more.

Here is the BBC article. Read and pray.

Also read what France 24 news reports about this attack.

Listen to a France 24 video that explains the background of this serious problem between the Dogon people and Fulani herders.