July 31, 2009 marks the completion of two years in my service as Director for Praise International. It has been two years of transition, growth and witnessing God’s work in some of the more difficult places of the world.  As we continue in the transition of Praise, one very important aspect remains; succession planning.

As of August 1, 2009, I will be transitioning out as Director of Praise, and assuming the role as Regional Director for East Africa. As many of you may be aware, in addition to serving as the Director of Praise, I have a full-time job that requires forty – plus hours per week, and the current needs and the demands of the Director position makes it extremely difficult to be highly effective in both capacities.

At our Board of Directors meeting held on July 11, the Board unanimously approved offering the position of General Director to David Bochman. David is a 27 year veteran of Mission Aviation Fellowship and has extensive knowledge of international missions.

David and his wife Debbie have lived in Ecuador, Russia and Hungary for many of those 27 years.

Dave has served on Praise’s Board of Advisors for the past two years and is fully familiar with Praise’s values and mission. Those of us on the Board see Dave’s coming on board as just one more sign of God’s hand upon this ministry. We will be communicating more information to you in the very near future regarding this change.

I want to thank each of you who have served this ministry with such dedication and for your support of me during this time.   Please join me in welcoming Dave in his new role with Praise, and commit to pray for him that the Lord would continue to use him and his giftedness for God’s glory.

Serving Him together,