Jim Harris is Senior Pastor at Heritage Bible Church.  He recently join the Board of Directors of Praise International.  For many years Jim Harris has been an integral part of Slavic Gospel Association’s Antioch Initiative.  He is responible for the Antioch Initiative’s Tambov Russia.  He is the principle Bible professor in Antioch Initiative’s Pastoral Training School.  It is because of Jim Harris’s ministry in Russia that Praise International is able to sponsor many Russian pastors.

Below is a recent letter from Russian pastor, Sergei Stepanov. Sergei is a pastor a Spring of Life Church in Tambov. He serves with Pastor Anatoly Yarmolyuk, our Praise Country Leader.  Pastor Sergei also has internet radio ministry.

Our partnership with the Antioch Initiative allows the churches and pastors in the Tambov state to be more effective in their calling, to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In most small towns and villages in the Tambov state there is not a single orthodox church, let alone an evangelical church. Young and experienced brothers learn together which allows us to receive the knowledge we need for the ministry, and also share the experience in ministry. Now we get to do not just summer camps, but also winter youth and family camps. For Christmas we get to share the Gospel with children [through Slavic Gospel Association’s Immanuel’s Child] not only at churches, but also in orphanages. I’m very thankful for your partnership and for financial support. May the Lord bless you.

~ Sergei Stepanov