Joseph Oulai – Cote d’Ivoire

  • Rice Project
  • Suit Project – to inspire local support for their own suit. 


  • Please continue to pray for our country as a new Prime Minister and state leaders get elected.  Please continue to pray for our Pastors as they bring the Gospel into the streets everyday and for their churches who love and serve those around them.  Please also continue to pray for the progress of all of the projects that are going on there while I am here. 

India – A.L.

  • Pray for general election result on 16 May  to bring good goverment to give people religious freedom.
  • Pray for Pastor of Orrissa during summer time when it is very hot  48 degree and 130 F may God give them grace as they proclaim the gospel
  • Pray for each Pastor village fellowship and their children
  • Pray for my travel plan to USA pray that Lord will open door of blessing
  • Pray for Children ministry and VBS need this summer we need children Hindi Bible and stationary

East Africa Trip  – June 11-30 

  • Details of travel to be finalized this week
  • Wisdom, discernment & compassion as relationships are built between our team & leaders/pastors

Uganda – Moses & Gertrud

  • Bible School growth
  • Recovery from house fire

Nicaragua – Rigoberto

  • Pump water for CRISTO REY COMMUNITY -CRISTO REY is a community where the government gives to them a piece of land because they were living in risk areas.  3000 poorest families who do not have any public services – especially water.
  • Wood and materials inventory for El Shaddai Carpentry
  • El Shaddai is a place where there are youth brothers with very hard backgrounds.  In one year they are trained to be carpenter.
  • For Nicaraguan people and poorest around the world.

 Praise State Rep. – Jeff 

  • Pray that I will find some relief from my back pain and fibromyalgia.
  • Summer conferences
  • Salvation for family member. 

  Russia – N.S.

  • God help us to complete a building of a dining room in camp that this year we can to start Summer Christian Camp for children and youth.

 Romania – S.R.

  • For camp for disabled people – June, 1 – June, 6th. The most important In this camp: Having a real relationship with God. 120 persons will participate.
  • In July 9-14, Camp for children with disabilities. Healthy children will participate in this camp also.  In this camp we will pursue the aim integration of disabled children in society. Pray for  good organization of this camp.
  • August 14-19:  Camp for youth from two areas.  Focus:  Having a real relationship with God. We still do not have finance for this camp, ask you to pray (2800 euros still are necessary).

Honduras – V.A.

  • Pray for the pastors
  • Pray for city of Gracias;lempira

  • Pray for Honduras
  • Pray for projectors for pastors

Mali – Daniel

  • Please pray for the financial situation of my family especially concerning my kids school fees.
  • Repair for missions bus.

Philippines – Levi

  • Healing for pastor & wife in a serious accident
  • Children’s Home

Haiti – Pastor Ignace Augustin.

  • Pray for the family of Pastor who passed away last week leaving his wife with 7 children.